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Calculating Your Net Proceeds

Your net proceeds, simply put, are the difference between what you paid for the house and the price for which you sold it. As your Windermere agent I can help you determine the following costs.

Existing Home Loans:+
Other Liens:+
Standard Title Insurance *:+
State Excise Tax:+
Loan Discount:+
Brokerage / Service Fees:+
Proration of interest Recording:+
Total Estimated Disbursements:
Sale Price of Home:$
Estimated Disbursements:$                                  -
Estimated Net Proceeds **:$                                  =

* Many title companies will offer a discount to sellers who have a copy of the title report received when purchasing or refinancing a property. Let me know if you have a copy at the time of the listing, and I will request a discount

** This figure is an estimate based on our experience and reflects current rates and charges. Actual proceeds will be calculated by the escrow officer and will vary according to the specifics of the final sales transaction
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